Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Pre-Order Tabio Joker Socks

Hi Everyone!

The Joker Socks are now available for pre-order at our website. We are expecting to be able to deliver them to everyone by October 2008 (we are doing our best to get them earlier but will play safe with that date!).

There are 2 sizes available (Medium and Large) and they will retail at £16.00

Your cards will not be charged until we despatch the socks to you (unless you order other in-stock items, in which case they will be sent immediately and the Joker Socks to follow).

Thanks for all your patience and we will keep you updated as production comes along.

Bear in mind that, at the moment, we will only be able to produce limited quantities, so get in early to avoid any disappointment.

Follow this link to our site :


jedicms said...

With shipping, one pair of these socks is about $40. Anyone else find that ridiculously much? When I heard that Tabio made the socks for the movie and that they would be selling them, I was really excited. Tabio doesn't even have a picture; I'm dissappointed with the whole thing. For now, I think I'll go back to ebay.

Tabio Team said...

The images will be up in the next 24/48 hrs. Apologies for the delay - we were just trying to open up an avenue to make reservations asap!
Tabio was chosen to make the socks because we are specialists in our field and are dedicated to producing the very finest products. The socks are the very best quality and the genuine article. Purchasing elsewhere may lead to disappointment but we certainly take your comments on board and genuinely appreciate the feedback.
Thanks to everyone who has already placed orders - we are working hard to get them to you as soon as possible.

Ian said...
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