Thursday, 24 June 2010

Manufacturing in Nara Japan

A pair of socks is destined to undergo extreme hardship.

It goes without saying that the professionals who work in this industry practice their craft with meticulous, loving dedication. This commitment contributes to a pleasant workplace filled with congenial colleagues, where we cheerfully give our all to ensuring that the entire production process, from the selection of materials to the shipment of the final product, proceeds with the greatest of care.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tabio is voted one of the Six of London’s Best Fashion Labels!

It used to be, the first stop for American girls in London would be the Top Shop on Kensington High -- the one with the good vintage selection hidden upstairs -- but the cult U.K. H&M alternative has lost its mysterious international cachet since coming to the U.S. Same goes for other luxurious and once-exotic London shops like Mulberry and Reiss. In the flickering instant before globalization swallows us whole and every city worldwide sells the same stuff as they do at Heathrow duty free, here are our favorite labels -- well-known to Londoners and only a coveted rumor in America, most with many convenient locations. Keep calm and carry on.

- Valerie Stivers-Isakova

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1) Alice & Astrid: A Notting Hill institution for owner Astrid's classy, feminine designs for silk lingerie, pajama sets, robes and nightgowns. This is the local it-girl's stop for sumptuous teal silks, hand-made vintage lace accents, creamy chiffons and the occasional weekend-in-Devon touch like flannel PJs or felted slippers.

2) Brora: The Scottish know cashmere and the English know civilized behavior, and between the two they've created the shop we've always thought should exist. The four Brora outposts in London (one on Ledbury Road in Notting Hill) sell beautiful, high-quality, well-cut sweaters in every size and color of the rainbow. Also, the same color-range of dresses, linen skirts, knit tees, hats & mittens. Every item is simple, but perfect.

3) The Organic Pharmacy: The English have more entrenched animal rights and environmental activist concerns that we do in the states, which means five boutiques in London selling the vastly popular, pricey Organic Pharmacy products. The line is known for its simple packaging, great textures and scents, and for employing the latest science in environmentally friendly beauty.

4) Rigby & Peller: The real “Victoria’s Secret,” this lingerie maker has a royal warrant, which is a seal bestowed by Buckingham Palace when the queen likes a store. Rigby & Peller’s bras and knickers are that holy grail of lacy, sexy, well-made and comfortable, and they make pretty bras bigger than a B cup.

5) Toast: You know how rich people always seem to have the perfect slippers or summer dress kitchen apron, the kind of thing that should be obvious and easy to find but instead is impossible? All that stuff comes from Toast.

6) Tabio: This is the Japanese company that sells the best socks in the world.
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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Irmack Ankle socks

Our Irmack ankle socks are a must have this summer! They come in a great colours and can easily go with any style! You can get them from both in stores and online:

Thanks Erin from Calivintage, check the latest post from her blog:
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