Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Yard Sale

Congratulations to Susie from Style bubble who held the “Yard Sale“ successfully on the last Sunday! So were other bloggers, such as Kit from Style Slick, Nadia from Froufrouu, Fiona from Save our shoes etc. And luckily the weather was also helping these fashion lovers!

Beside many bloggers, there were also lots of non bloggers, fashion students, visitors coming to support this event. It was a great opportunity to make contact with these people and keep in touch in future! Such a valuable experience!

                                           Susie & Kam

Kit from Style Slicker

Kam's over knee socks were hot!

Steve from Style Salvage

Nadia from Frou Frouu

After the Yard sale, Tabio team were headed to the spitalfields market

Monday, 9 August 2010

50 Things to Improve the Way You Live

Monocle Mediterraneo summer newspaper

50 things to improve the way you live

Take a tour through our annual round-up of the things we think will make your life that little bit better - a Monocle.com special edition to mark the launch of our Monocle Mediterraneo summer newspaper.

Simply mouse-over each of the items and click for more information. We'll be adding to the list week by week as the summer rolls by:

01 A Spacious place to browse - Kinokuniya

02 Riva

03 Naber Kaffee

04 Inspired public conveniences, designed by Bunzo Ogawa

05 Campari

06 Go Faster Socks
For an extra kick on your morning jog invest in a pair of Tabio Running Socks, developed with top japanese runner Statoshi Osaki. We like this split-toed style - stops toe chafing - but they also come in regular and five-toed styles.

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