Monday, 9 August 2010

50 Things to Improve the Way You Live

Monocle Mediterraneo summer newspaper

50 things to improve the way you live

Take a tour through our annual round-up of the things we think will make your life that little bit better - a special edition to mark the launch of our Monocle Mediterraneo summer newspaper.

Simply mouse-over each of the items and click for more information. We'll be adding to the list week by week as the summer rolls by:

01 A Spacious place to browse - Kinokuniya

02 Riva

03 Naber Kaffee

04 Inspired public conveniences, designed by Bunzo Ogawa

05 Campari

06 Go Faster Socks
For an extra kick on your morning jog invest in a pair of Tabio Running Socks, developed with top japanese runner Statoshi Osaki. We like this split-toed style - stops toe chafing - but they also come in regular and five-toed styles.


dia said...

I like this lemon socks... J'adore Tabio

Tabio Team said...

Thanks for your comment, Dia!

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