Monday, 22 November 2010

Bloggers that are Crazy over Tabio

As Bloggers are taking over the Fashion industry and want world domination, it is nice that we regularly get mentioned and featured from all these fanatic fashionista's.  
See the best of the bunch in our blogger round up....
Amalie's blog is well worth a look with her retro feel and look

Kansairetro loves outfit building and sharing  her looks with her many fashion fan's

French Blogger La Mignonette uses fantastic photography for these Sheer tights from Tabio

FrouFrouu has a beautiful collection of Photos on her Blog, mapping out her Fashion Journey with words and images that are very inspiring.

Park and Cube was created by a Graphic Student with a love for Fashion and of course Tabio!

Kristabel writes her own blog from her own experiences in London and New York. She also has Tabio on her Christmas list.....Don't we all!

Susie Bubble is the Tabio Queen as she loves our product so much so wears it where ever she goes!

This forward thinker blogger likes sharing all things in her world, including these gorgeous Tabio Over the knee's!
 Daisy Chain Dream loves Tabio and the Fashion blogger always uses our product to cheer herself up on a Gloomy Monday

Blogger Sarah Scribbles loved the product we sent her so much that she did a lovely write up on her blog about Tabio and even modelled the product!

Lastly the lovely Blogger, 'Stephanie is getting married' modelled these lovely Sheer tights for her blog and proved such a simple and gorgeous style can be loved by many.

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