Friday, 10 December 2010

Japanese "furoshiki" wrapping - idea for Christmas

Tabio are heading for a traditional Christmas with Furoshiki wrapping! As well as a lovely gift from Tabio, you are helping passing on a little Japanese tradition as well! So make sure you get your orders in now in time for Christmas. Please visit our shop here!

“What is a Furoshiki?”
“Furoshiki” has been used for wrapping in Japan for centuries. Originally used to bundle clothes in whilst at a public bath (it derives its name from here), the “Furoshiki” became useful to merchants as a way of transporting their goods or to decorate gifts.
In our modern era, the “Furoshiki” has become an eco-friendly wrapping and carrying tool, as we try to move away from the plastic bag.

Free Japanese Furoshiki wrapping is valid between 8th Dec - 24th Dec 2010.

This offer applies to every single customer who places an order during this period.

Please note that the order may take slightly longer to arrive during the Christmas period.

If your order is placed between 21st - 31st Dec, it will arrive at the first week of January 2011.

All items will be sent first class recorded delivery, should you wish to use next day delivery the normal charge will apply.

1 comment:

Claus said...

So sad that the wrappings are only for UK residens...

I would love to by thinks for my wife and kids if I could get them wrapped like this.

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